Visionary Leaders Create Their Own Reality

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A lot of people fantasize about their wildest dreams, about possibility. Some people don’t really know how to dream as their imagination has been stifled by the subconscious conditioning of their environment (how they were raised, their job, their experiences).

The vast majority of dreamers do just that, and nothing else. They never do a damn thing about planning and taking action to make their dreams become reality.

Why? Because they don’t think there’s even a remote chance in hell their dreams could ever become reality. They gave up before they fantasized in the first place! They will forever be stuck in their own perpetual “comfort rut” having unwillingly and unknowingly paralyzed themselves. They are content with their entrapment.

Visionary leaders, the rarest of fantasizers (this is now officially declared a word by me!), start their journey by writing down their dreams, exactly what they visualize, in detail. They read and educate themselves daily to learn what they can do and how, and apply this knowledge by taking massive action to make their dreams become their life’s reality. They achieve beyond their wildest imagination.

They recondition how they view themselves and begin to transform into true visionaries and leaders as a result of this never faltering new mindset.

Need some examples of who and what I’m talking about? How about the following:

  • Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and many other inventions.
  • The Wright Brothers. They made the first man-made flight, which most people told them was impossible!
  • Benjamin Franklin, who shocked the world by inventing electricity.
  • Jay Kubassek, a former farm boy with an eighth grade education who educated himself in the world of the internet and designed a systematic opportunity for anyone to learn how to do what he had done.
  • Charles Babbage created the first mechanical computer, truly changing forever how we do so many things.
  • Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company altered the automobile industry and manufacturing.
  • Richard Branson created one of the largest and most innovative corporate conglomerates in the world, Virgin!
  • David Wood who within two years, began learning how to market online, training others how to do what he learned, and went from living in a beat up van, to becoming a multi-millionare and living in Costa Rica.
  • Walt Disney, who had a truly unbelievable imagination and dream, got to work, overcame unbelievable obstacles and created an amazing creative company to share his imagination with the world!
  • Southwest Airlines, created by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher on March 15, 1967, transformed the airline industry by focusing on its employees and is now consistently the most profitable airline year after year.

How many of these extraordinary dreamers do you think were lucky or just happened to have their dreams turn into reality?

Yes, I am absolutely trying to wake you up and get a specific message across!

They each had a consuming passion for their “dream”. They put it on paper, planned how to make it happen and got to work. They worked their shirts off, and their pants!

They became the person, the leader necessary to focus on the important actions required in order to create their own reality. Their consuming passion served as fuel and energized them day after day.

Can you envision the long days and nights each of these brilliant creators put in on a regular basis to make their dreams come true?

They were able to dig deep, especially at those times they really didn’t feel like working because they were exhausted, hadn’t slept, or wanted to do something else, and did it anyway.

Tenacity became a core of their character. Persistence, passion, accountability and results are evident in the history of each of these “success stories”.

They showed up over and over again.

Success lies in the eyes of the beholder. Have you written down the definition of your “success”?

There’s no time like the present. Grab that notebook and pen and start the process to begin to transform your dreams into your reality.

Delve into your passions to discover what fills you with uncontrollable excitement. Have the intention to learn. Surround yourself with people who have the intentions and integrity you want as well.

Develop your communications skill-set. Be aware of how you’re thinking in each moment. How do you feel when you accomplish your goals? How do you feel when you do not do something?

Understand that life is about the challenge. The challenges of life are what make each of us who we are. Step up to the plate and face your challenges. Make a determined and conscious choice for how you are going to live your life, how you are going to take action toward your goals or deal with and overcome your obstacles.

The bottom line is that your level of commitment leads directly to where you are in life, the results you have gotten or are getting.

Commit to breaking through your old identity and creating the new one you’ve always dreamed of! Live up to your potential. Use your power and strength to make the possibilities of your dreams come true. Become the potential within!

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