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Are you a business owner or manager who has a deep desire to create important changes in your organization and leadership style?

Are you ready to discover new paths for achieving and surpassing your greatest aspirations?

Are you prepared to step into another level and to a bigger vision of what is feasible in your life and career?

If this sounds like you, let me assure you, you are not alone, although at times it might feel that way. An international Executive Coach trained at the Center for Executive Coaching, Carmen Teresa understands the stress you encounter and the unique challenges you face as a manager and has the right resources and skills to help leaders create accountable and measurable results

Carmen Teresa Executive Coaching services has been an indispensable resource in helping small business owners dramatically increase their Executive presence, Image impact, Time management, Stop procrastination, Get clarity and focus, Goals settings, Improve business and social skills, Positive work environment, Maximize their communication skills and leadership excellence, Helping businesses fast forward success in all aspects of career, performance, and leadership development.

Having coached hundreds of managers from different industries all around the world and across the United States, her coaching service helps identify and nurture managers into leaders and make sure they are focused on their business objectives.

Her areas of expertise include leadership, increased profitability, executive presence, business and social etiquette, manners, and magnetic communication skills. Carmen Teresa’s international Executive Coaching services is available for business owners, staff development and training.

You can contact her now on 305-562-6935 or send an email to

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